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21 February 2021 @ 02:21 am

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not adding anymore.

I get only spam, so, go screw yourself or email me.

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I have no idea why I actually bother writing this, you do not have to read, because it's long and boring.

All that you'll eventually learn from this post is :

I underestimated the weather and almost shaked myself to death from cold.
The gig was awesome and I am a helpless fan of Aki.
The audience was horrible to listen to and horrible to look at.
There was a sign session afterwards and I found a pick.

That's pretty much it, but if you by any chance want to know more...

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23 December 2010 @ 10:26 pm
this winter.

picture overload :BCollapse )

it's a pity it's already melted, I like it -10°C more than +10°C.
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05 November 2010 @ 11:47 pm
is so far the most beautiful fall I remember.

Today was such a beautiful day.
Extraordinarily warm for November.
Nothing could spoil my mood.

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...I want days like this more often.

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21 April 2010 @ 09:21 am
Something went wrong? 
Read this first and if your question is not answered, contact me. 

Please remember, that I can't be responsible for any misunderstaning caused by not reading my comission info & details properly. 

 ▫ Your order has not reached you yet and it's been more than 4 weeks after your payment.

- Please let me know if something like this happens. I am sending them immediately after I am done, so probably the problem's somewehere else and I can't help it, but... just let me know and we'll work it out somehow.

▫ You don't like the design/colour.

- I can't help that. Let me know please and I'll try to fix it in near future.

▫ Your order has arriwed and it's ripped/stained/damaged.

- I mail them first class, neat and clean, with a protective layer in another envelope. I can't be responsible for any damage they suffer in mail, I am sorry.

▫ I switched the colours/designs.

I am terribly sorry. Most probably your note was confusing. You'll have a big discount for any future order. But I kindly ask you to not abuse this.

▫ Flaps on the envelope are not glued properly / it's literally fell apart.

Well, what can I do? But you can - get a paper-glue and glue it back together where's necessary, but be sure to show me a picture of the defective envelope. If your complaint is relevant, I will refund you. Don't try to tear it off violently, that's not nice!

▫ The drawing is smeared.

I apologize, but once again, I can't be responsible for any damage the products suffer in mail. Ask me and I'll show you a photo or a scan of it when I've finished it and I bet it's not smeared. I know some of them can smear, but I try my best to avoid that - especially silver and golden inks tend to smear a lot, therefore I treat them with care - they need to dry up for 2 days and then I treat them with fixative spray and pack them carefully. All you can do is avoid touching the drawing with fingers, but if it's smeared anyways, there's nothing more I can do, but apologize.

The front part of the envelope has darker colour.

This can happen when the envelope was treated with a fixative spray to keep golden and silver inks in their place, but I pay extra attention to it while spraying and there should be no stains, just a solid, but a bit darker surface. Is that a big problem? Contact me.

▫ I like the envelopes, but they cost too much. Can I get a discount?

I am sorry, but no. The material is very pricey and I try to keep the cost at it's lowest. Plus, it's an original, not a print. The only discount I offer is when my previous services were defective.

For any other questions send me a note on deviantART or contact me via my email - nao.ryuu@yahoo.com

Thank you very much !
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21 April 2010 @ 09:11 am


▫  All colours and designs per 5 €. Price is in Euro.
▫  I accept payment via paypal. I will send you the product immediately after receiving the payment
   ( if I am already done by that time ;D ) .
▫  Illustrations are purely decorative and mostly just a halfbody - I prefer figurative or humanoid motifs.
▫  Please pay attention to the informations below.
▫  Troubleshooting & FAQ - Please remember, that I can't be responsible for any misunderstaning caused by not reading comission info & details properly.

Product details

▫ size – 18 x 7 cm or 14,5 x 7 cm; flap 2 cm. Other sizes available, ask me.
▫ colours of paper available – I restock regularly + possibility to add colours choices

You pay

▫  5 € per envelope
      - It takes approx. 2 hours to make one, so you're paying me 2,5 € per hour, the material and package included. I am not asking            that much, right?
▫  postal fee
     - I send them first class, so they should arrive quickly and safe.
     - Postal fees to the overseas countries rarely exceeds 2 € for such a light weight.
     - Postal fee inside of Slovakia is gratis.

I'm interested, what do I do now? 

▫  Create a new note on dA or an email with a subject ''envelope comission'' addressed to me and say hi.
   ( email : nao.ryuu@yahoo.com )
▫  Fill in the template below, copypaste it to the note and hit send.
▫   Wait for my reply – don't freak out, I am mostly online on weekends only.
▫  When I say yes, in your reply you need to send me your address. In return,
    I'll send you the information necessary for the payment.
   ( You'll just have to believe me in this. I don't rip off people, but I don't want to get ripped off as well and not get paid for my work,     I bet you can understand.)
▫  After the payment's complete and I've finished your request, I am sending it immediately.
   It should not take more than two to three weeks to reach you.

Note / email template

Subject: envelope comission

paper colour:
illustration colour:
illustration design:
other comments:

Template explanation

Quantity - up to 3 at once
Size - 18 x 7 cm or 14,5 x 7 cm for black and ivory by default, you can ask for different.
Paper colour - choose a paper colour. In case of requesting more envelopes at once, please make it clear which colour is supposed to be matched with certain design.
Illustration colour - relevant for dark coloured papers only. Light papers get black illustration by default.
Illustration design - You need to specify wheter you're giving me a free hand or not. You can ask for a particular design or just suggest some ideas you want to be used. Please make it clear and brief, and type correctly, so I can take you seriously.

I WILL DRAW when you talk like this
aka good examples of illustration design request:

~ Draw whatever comes to your mind / but you could keep it in a ___ style/ inspirated with ___/ using these elements ___.
~ I want an androgynously looking man with long hair, a book and butterflies, dressed in a shirt with lace. (Yay! )
~ I want a young girl in school uniform with a puppy and stars.
~ I want my OC with a fish tank in their hands and bubbles in background.
   ( you need to supply refference of your OC )
~ I want  *insert a cartoon / manga / anime character*  with a chewing gum and a popsicle in their hand.
   ( you need to supply refference and specify wheter I am supposed to preserve the original drawing style of mangaka or not)
~ I want  *insert a pop / rock / movie star name*  with a mug of hot coffee in their hands.
   (you need to provide a refference and remember, these are illustrations, not portraits – I can't guarantee a 100% resemblance. )

aka bad examples of illustration design requests:

~ Draw me my OC in bikini eatin a icecream,while talking to my other OC who is a half-vampire half-dwarf and a half-retard who is of course not listenin and I forgot to mention that they are french so they are naturally speakin in French or maybe now I do not know since Ted he's the retarded dwarf his grandpa was Russian so he actually maybe.. oh did I mention I want him to wear a pink shirt and he's got to have goat horns and eighty fox tails too...
  (seriously, wtf. I got brainfried just trying to make up something like this)
~I bet you can get the idea by now. |D


▫ I will not draw anything violating any dA's rules.
▫ No porn, no ideologicaly sensitive nor racist ideas
▫ No furries and no mechs. (Kemonomimi are okay.)


▫ I pledge not to provide your personal information (address, name) to any third party, nor archive it.
▫ I reserve the right to decline your request.
▫ I reserve the right to upload the finished work on deviantART.
▫ I reserve the right not to upload the finished work on deviantART as well.
▫ You agree that you won't use my work for any further profit, but only for your personal means.
▫ I pledge not to abuse your copyright for your original characters for any further profit or any means other than self-promotion.
▫ As long as the design is fully mine – no real people, no copyrighted characters nor trademarks are depicted on it - I reserve the right to possible profit from it further in future.
▫ I am not responsible for any damage the product suffers in mail.
▫ I reserve the right to change these conditions without any further notice.


Write a comment here or contact me @ deviantART - NakaAyu, or email me - nao.ryuu@yahoo.com
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